OSU Buckeyes Playoff



OSU Horse Shoe Stadium early in the season.

Curt Garner, Julius Mallory, and

Saturday, December 2nd was the day that the #8 Ohio State Buckeyes faced  #4 Wisconsin Badgers in the 2017 Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis, Indiana. This game was a big one for both teams. The Buckeyes were hoping to get into the College Football Playoffs if they beat the Badgers. If Wisconsin won, they were guaranteed a spot in the Playoffs keeping at least the fourth spot. The final score of the Big Ten Championship game was 27-21 with the Buckeyes pulled away the victory, now hoping to get the playoff spot and possibly winning a National Championship.

The following day the selection committee gave the final spot to the Alabama Crimson Tide, with a 12-1 record who recently lost to Auburn in the SEC Championship game. This left many Ohio State fans wondering why they were not in the playoffs. “Alabama was clearly the Number 4 team in the country as a non-champion.” said Kirby Hocutt, the selection committee chair.(247 Sports)

The Buckeye’s chances of making the playoffs were affected by losing tremendously to the unranked Iowa Hawkeyes, 24-55, just a few weeks before they played Wisconsin, giving the Buckeyes their second loss in the regular season. The committee chose the playoff spots based on what teams had the best record and who did well winning games throughout the regular season. This is why the committee chose the Crimson Tide, who only had one loss, over the Buckeyes who had lost two games in the regular season.

There were a lot of various reactions about the playoff predictions.  “ I am very upset our team didn’t make the playoffs because I feel as though we deserved it more than Alabama.” Said TWHS senior Maddy Miles.

The Buckeyes are up against the USC Trojans  in the Cotton Bowl December 29th. They hope for a win to end the season and to also make a statement on why they should’ve been in the playoffs.