Trending Tattoos, Once Taboo


A tattooed rose adorns the shoulder of Senior Indy McCross.

Jacob Fernandez

Remember when people used to get face tattoos? That and many other tattoos that were popular before are out in 2017. Some types of tattoos that are out are barbed wire, face tats, fairies, and Zodiac signs. According to Inked Mag  “One day when you grow up you’ll realize that people’s personalities are not dictated by the stars, but rather… pretty much everything BUT the stars… Maybe this will be that year!” People are starting to understand that personality has nothing to do with the stars or what your zodiac sign is.

So, what’s trending right now? Thin line, watercolor, script writing, and photo realism tattoos are all big in 2017. If you want a tattoo that is simple and that won’t take a lot of time and cause a lot of pain, you should probably get a thin line tattoo. If you decide you want something more elaborate, consider something like a watercolor or photo realism tattoo. Water colors are tattoos with little to no black ink and instead soft colors like yellow, blue, and orange. Photo realism tattoos are realistic, graphic, and detailed. This is a great option if you have a photo of someone or something that you really want to honor.  Inked Mag says “photorealism is making a splash at parlors as stencils become more advanced. Clients are looking for pieces that turn their body into an actual piece of art, yay!”

The popular tattoos now are likely to continue trending in 2018 with some new additions, specifically the cuticle tattoo. Business Insider claims pics of cuticle tattoos are “flooding Instagram and offer a creative way to enhance your manicure.” While cuticle tattoos are nothing new historically (An article in Smithsonian magazine published in 2007 mentions that Peruvian and Chilean cultures — among others — have worn tattoos on their hands for centuries”), they’ve been slowly gaining popularity since Rihanna got one in 2013.

So if you’re wanting a tattoo, remember to make your choice wisely because the trends now will change in 20 years, but your tattoo won’t.