A N’ice Addition to The Nest?


Leah Lindemeyer

A sign hanging on the door of The Nest displays all the options available.

Leah Lindemeyer, Editor

At the start of the second semester, students were treated with a sweet surprise. The Smart Snacks in Schools program developed by Hershey’s® Ice Cream is now being implemented at Thomas Worthington. The products being sold in The Nest at Thomas Worthington are the new line of Smart Snacks in Schools, “N’ice cream for kids!”, that are specifically created for schools so they have deserts that follow the Federal “Smart Snacks in Schools” standards. The products include twister cups, novelty cones, dessert cups, and sandwiches. The main goals of the program are to serve products that taste great, sell well, and satisfy nutritional guidelines. 

Jayvaun Lane, a junior at Thomas Worthington, said “Ice cream can make a person’s day. I will definitely be buying more from the cafeteria because of it.” 

Most students seem to be pleasantly surprised by this addition to the products sold in the cafeteria. Students like Lane claim that having the ice cream will increase how often they buy from the cafeteria. Many are astounded that ice cream can even be sold at the school. However, responses to it have ranged from “yummy” to “amazing”.

Although most seem to be thrilled others aren’t as pleased, a senior at Thomas said, “The old machine was better. The new ice cream is basically frozen powder with sugar that tastes close to real ice cream.” 

While some have come to the conclusion the ice cream is “yummy” or “amazing” others have come to the conclusion that it is ”unflavored” or ”bland.” Others have questioned the nutritional value and are surprised that the ice cream is even allowed to be sold in the cafeteria. As a result of the new addition, students bringing ice cream into the library has been an issue. 

Lezlee LeVette, Thomas Worthington’s health teacher, commented: “I do not think ice cream should be sold in schools.” Then recommended watching the documentary Fed-Up

Overall despite some complaints, the program seems to be taking off well. The main goals of the program which are having products that taste great, sell well, and satisfy nutritional guidelines are for the most part being met.