George’s Linworth Diner: Egg-cellent Egg-sperience or Toast?


Anna Finsel

A breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast, and pancakes from George’s Linworth Diner

Anna Finsel, Editor

George’s Linworth Diner is the new craze of Worthington. The Diner is located at the new Linworth Development, right by the corner of Linworth Road and W. Dublin Granville Road. It is the second diner opened by George Cela. His first was the Beechwold Diner, located on Indianola Ave. When you walk in, it is a pretty classic diner set up with booths and barstools at the countertop. The walls are filled with artwork of all kinds. Including a poster with the Beatles on it. 

After walking in we waited about 15 minutes before getting a table. It was very busy that day with every chair filled. We were seated at a half booth half table in the front of the diner, and the menus were already on the table. Minutes after sitting down, the waitress came over to our table and got our drink orders, my Dad and I both got water. After our drinks came we ordered, while taking our order the Waitress was able to offer suggestions about what to order. The service was excellent and our server checked on us at all the right times and made sure we had everything we needed. 

I ordered the Big Breakfast which came with three pancakes, two eggs, bacon, homefries, and toast. My dad ordered two eggs, homefries, and toast. After 20 minutes, our breakfast arrived. The home fries were okay but they needed to be browned a little more for my taste and they definitely needed some salt. The eggs were okay as well, but they’re nothing to write home about. The bacon had just enough crunch and the bread was nicely toasted with butter on top. The pancakes were by far some of the best pancakes I have ever had! They were fluffy and golden served with butter on top. 

In conclusion, I will definitely be returning every once and a while for an enjoyable diner breakfast. The atmosphere and the food were all very comparable to the Beechwold diner. When you walk into both restaurants they both have booths as well as stools at a countertop. They’re both a great place to get classic diner food with friends or family. Georges Linworth Diner is an excellent addition to the restaurants in Worthington. It keeps the tradition of well-established restaurants alive.