Announcements for March 2nd and 3rd 2021

  • March is Women’s History Month. In 1987, Congress declared that March would be the month where women and their amazing contributions to society are celebrated. Throughout this month we will highlight some of the various contributions of women around the world.You may know Marie Curie as the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, but Curie was also the first person – man or woman – to ever win a second Nobel Prize, and remains the only person to date who’s won the coveted prize in two different science categories, physics and chemistry. Curie struggled throughout her lifetime to overcome gender discrimination and be taken seriously. Born and raised in Poland, she moved to Paris and enrolled at the Sorbonne–higher education for women was illegal in Poland. Her lasting achievements include the discovery of two elements, polonium and radium, and the founding of two medical research centers. Curie also developed mobile X-rays to assist wounded soldiers in World War I. Curie’s devotion to scientific exploration eventually cost her her life. She died of aplastic anemia caused by frequent exposure to radiation. Over 80 years after her death, Marie Curie’s notebooks are still radioactive.


  • Attention Seniors: Local scholarships worth over $50,000 are now posted on the TWHS website under the School Counseling tab.  Click Local Scholarships under College Planning to review the list of scholarships and download applications.  Generally, applications are due back to the School Counseling office by Friday, March 26 by 3:15 p.m unless otherwise noted in the bulletin.  Respectfully, late applications will not be accepted.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Preisse or Mrs. Swearingen in the School Counseling office.


  • The pandemic can’t stop talent… it just makes us show it off a little differently! This year, we will be compiling a video of all the various talents the students and staff of TWHS want to show off. The video will be shared, the most beloved act will be selected, and a donation will be made in their honor. For more information and to sign up, head to your graduating class’s Schoology page or check out a flyer around school! Submissions are due Sunday, March 7th.