Joe Biden’s progress

Joe Bidens progress

Joe Biden was elected into one of the most dramatic political landscapes of the modern age. With a global pandemic raging on and an intense political division in the United States, things were and still are not normal. Now, 120 days after being elected how has Biden been doing? For starters, Biden has created a trillion dollar COVID-19 relief bill that grants support towards Americans struggling during the pandemic, he is uniting families at the Mexican border, and is pulling troops out of Afghanistan after a twenty years war.

According to the Biden administration, four families have been reunited at the Mexican border with this “just being the start.” of more reunification. He has made an effort to reunite children with their parents at the US-Mexico border. According to recent research approximately 1000 more families are still apart at the border (VOA). “I feel like he’s done a lot so far. Its very amazing that he gave undocumented children and parents stimulus checks,” a student from Thomas Worthington says in regards to Biden’s relations with immigration. Though this news seems positive and inspires hope towards better border relations, Biden still has been blocking migrants from crossing the border.

Biden plans on pulling US troops out of Afghanistan by September 11th, after almost twenty years reminiscent of the incident which pulled the USA into the war, the 9/11 terrorist attacks. While in the process of pulling soldiers out, the Taliban has started regaining control of some parts of Afghanistan. A disappointing but expected reality is that the conflicts in Afghanistan may go back to being what it was like twenty years ago. The good news being that American lives will no longer be lost in Afghanistan (WPOST) (CNN).

Biden has approved a 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief bill that expanded COVID-19 testing stations with more supplies  and personnel to keep things running smoothly at health centers. The COVID-19 relief package also included a $1400 check for every tax payer that has helped the economy improve. He has also  pushed for the  distribution of vaccines to health centers to get Americans vaccinated.A student said, “I haven’t done much research, but I feel like he’s not really doing the right stuff for our economy. But, I do appreciate the accessibility he’s given for the vaccine.” Because people are vaccinated and are able to go back to work, unemployment rates have fallen. (TCV) “I feel like things have been getting better because he gave quicker access to the vaccine, so that’s been an improvement,” a senior from Thomas Worthington stated. 

Throughout the past 120 days, many have formed their opinion on the Biden Administration. Not all feel that Biden has done enough for the country. “Currently, our world is going through a lot. But I feel like he could be doing a lot more for our planet like global warming is a current issue that needs more attention,” a senior from Thomas Worthington says. But, she feels that he’s overall doing a good job. 

As President Biden moves forward with his presidency, his supporters and voters are continuing to intently watch his progress to see if he keeps the promises he made during the election campaign season.