Cam Beatty: Making it Happen


Jeremy King

Cam Beatty stands on the turf at Thomas Worthington High School.

Thomas Worthington student-athlete Camden “Cam” Beatty anticipates the remainder of his senior year and reflects on his legacy during his 4 years on the Football, Basketball, and Track and Field teams.

As a junior in 2021, he broke the record for 300m hurdles running a 38.05. Arguably Beatty has been one of the best athletes at Thomas Worthington in the past years, but what do sports really mean to Cam Beatty? What motivates him? 

”I’ve always loved sports. My dad inspired me to play sports”, Beatty said. “And my drive, I just want to be the best at everything, every drill, every race. Even in the classroom I can’t stand losing”. 

However, over the years teammates have criticized Beatty’s attitude.

 “As good as Beatty is, sometimes he is just cocky, sometimes it’s like he’s bragging about being better than everyone which can be extremely annoying” Jeremiah Smith, Beatty’s friend and teammate, said.

However Beatty knows what some people think of him.   “I’m cocky because I work hard, I work hard for it”, Beatty responded.  “People look up to me. I have to be hard on them to push them to be better and show them if they work hard they can be where I’m at today”. 

Unfortunately, the Thomas Worthington football team has not had the success they had hoped for during Beatty’s time as a player. His freshman season 2018/19 the football team  ended 3-8 his sophomore season 2019/20 they ended 4-6 and last season 2020/21 they ended 2-7. 

Despite this record, Beatty has not openly contemplated a transfer. He has not been linked to any other high schools.

This upcoming winter season holds some changes for Beatty as he is stepping away from basketball to focus on track. 

“I decided I will not be playing basketball this upcoming winter so I can run indoor track and focus on my speed”,Beatty said. “I have enjoyed playing basketball since I was 3,  but focusing on track can help me with my speed on the football field” .

Beatty is looking to play football on the collegiate level. Beatty looks to have a great Track and Field season this year. 

“I did have to end my track season last year due to mono”, said Beatty. “I plan to go to the states this year and be the best in 300m hurdles”.