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Joey Zalewski Discusses ’21-’22 TWHS Boys Varsity Basketball Season and His Drive to Succeed


David M. Hunt

Zalewski passes ball in last season’s game against Marysville H.S.

Joey Zalewski, a TWHS junior, reflects on what he has done in the past 2 years as a multi-sport athlete playing both Basketball and Football. Zalewski played Varsity as a Freshman for the basketball team but not football, although he did participate on the freshman team.

Zalewski’s favorite sport is football, but he knows he still has room to improve.

“I think I played well but defensively I have many things to work on like my techniques and my body. I need to get bigger for my senior season so I can do what I have to do to make the team a better team”, says Zalewski.

Everyone knows Zalewski is an excellent athlete, but they don’t know why sports motivates him to be one of the best on the field and court.

“Just my love of sports is why I grind every day to become the best athlete I can be. My family grew up playing sports so I just basically had to take over the family culture. And I just want to be the best at everything I do”, Zalewski reflects.

He intends to keep his standards high for the upcoming basketball season.

“Now it’s time for basketball season and I am locked in”, he says. “My goal is to win states. I believe we can if we all do our part. We only have to worry about a couple of teams this year that I feel like we can beat”.

Zalewski, a captain this year, plans to take the Thomas Worthington basketball team to another level because he’s a hard worker and his teammates will look up to that. Walter Anderson, a teammate of Zalewski, said that he’s ready to see what he can learn from Zalewski and how he can become a better player guarding him every day. Anderson said that he’s excited to see what Joey does this upcoming 21-22 basketball season.

“Being a backup to Joey and having to guard him at practice I’ll learn more about basketball footwork and skill. And I am excited to see what he’ll do to make Thomas Worthington a better team, ” said Anderson.