Curtis Schriner on the Road to Recovery

Motivation and the Return to Athletics After a Serious Knee Injury


Curtis Schriner

Curtis Schriner sits on the turf near his crutches while experimenting with photography using his drone.

Sam Guy

Despite suffering multiple knee injuries, Curtis Schriner has worked hard to recover while maintaining a positive mindset and a big college commitment. Schriner is a student-athlete at Thomas Worthington High School. He has an impressive 4.2 GPA and plays lacrosse year-round with the school, and with the 10-29 lacrosse club. Friends describe Schriner as a sociable and witty character, guaranteed to make people laugh in any setting. Schriner is known as an all-around hardworking student and athlete. 

However, a wrench was thrown into his athletic career last year during his school lacrosse season. He suffered a torn ACL, Meniscus, multiple ruptured tendons, and a tibia fracture. With such a devastating injury mid-season and a lost sophomore season due to Covid, the recruiting scene could seem like a nightmare to any high school student. In spite of all this, Schriner has kept a positive mindset, is in recovery ahead of schedule, and has recently committed on an athletic and academic scholarship to play division 2 college lacrosse at Lincoln Memorial University. Schriner’s key to success is his drive to stay motivated, even in the face of unlikely odds. 

 “My goal has always been to play the sport I love at the collegiate level. I can endure whatever right now if it means I can further my education and lacrosse career past high school, ” says Schriner. 

Schriner has tunnel vision to reach his long-term goals. He has used lifting and nutrition as a way to stay healthy, mentally and physically. Schriner lifts six days a week, following a push-pull legs cycle twice a week. This is a lifting split that allows you to hit every muscle with enough volume twice a week. Following this requires a lot of work in the kitchen in order to fuel and repair his body. 

“Following an intense training regime and high protein diet has been really good for me mentally. Finding my mental breaking point every day and pushing in a little further allows me to constantly strengthen my mind and body,’ reflects Schriner.

Schriner has become a self-described “gym rat” in the past year and has learned a lot about his mind and body. Not only has Schriner found a passion for fitness, but he has also explored his passion for creative activities such as Photography and Videography. Schriner posts some of the best work from his adventures on his Instagram account.  This includes not just photos, but also edited videos of cities, nature, mountain biking, senior photos taken on both camera and drone.

When asked how he found his passion for photography, Schriner responds, “I picked up my first camera years ago, but over the past year I have really grown not only my love for photography but also my skill and ability to seek out great content. Investing in a drone has also really expanded my ability to get different perspectives and make shoots more interesting.”

Not everyone has the mental strength to find the bright side in every situation like Schriner, but he is an example of how to handle tough situations and learn about yourself and your interests. 

“We all need challenges outside of school and work,” says Schriner. “Find something you think is fun, physically, mentally, or artistically and just make it your own and you are bound to make something great out of it.”