Local Worthington Charities: There’s Never a Bad Time to Give to Others


Lily McAlister and Emily Grove

It is always nice to give to others, especially during hard times. Here are a few charities in Worthington that are easy to donate to, and really help the people that are in need.

The Worthington Resource Pantry is a resource center that helps eight zip codes throughout southern Delaware and northern Franklin counties. Their mission is to feed the community and connect people with others and healthy food. It was founded in 2009 and is located on Huntley Road, in Columbus Ohio.

Executive Director of the pantry, Nick Linkenhoker, listed many ways that students can help support the pantry. He spoke about volunteering, food drives, and how Thomas Worthington High School and Worthington Kilbourne High School have donated to help. He said that, “Over the last 4 years monetary and food donations from Thomas and Kilbourne combined resulted in almost $27,000 worth of donations. Students are able to come into the pantry and volunteer, and schools doing food drives helps the resource center a lot.

Julia Wilkerson, a student at TWHS gives her insight on helping out charities. When Wilkerson was in 4th grade, she participated in a school club where students would create little bags with dog treats and toys to give to an animal shelter. Students would knock on doors around their neighborhoods and ask people to buy a bag. The money would then be donated to the shelter. She says that, “I always felt happy after I would sell bags because it felt good to give to animals without homes.”

Worthington schools will do food drives for the Worthington resource pantry every once in a while. The students will bring in canned goods that will then be donated to the pantry. These examples show that anyone can help support charities. Even something as simple as saving a small amount of money every month and then donating it will help. Or even giving away canned goods that you end up not using. Giving is good!