Water Scarcity and Conservation

Mary Kate Murphy

With the holiday season just passing over and a new year beginning, we are realizing how much we have to be thankful for. It is important to think of those less fortunate than ourselves during this time. Not only should we be cognizant of others, we should find out how to help and take action.
One huge issue we take for granted is water scarcity. Water scarcity is an issue of great importance. Water scarcity can cause people to not have enough water for drinking, washing, or crops. It can cause economic decline as well. The lack of clean water is an important issue within the realm of water scarcity as well.
The water crisis has impacted places all over the world. Even in the United States, starting in 2014, the Flint water crisis occurred where water wasn’t being treated correctly causing lead contamination in water used for even drinking. The water crisis is most well known in rural, Sub Saharan Africa. Women and children – primarily girls – are having to walk miles every day to bring back water for their families. The worst part is that the water isn’t even clean- it is contaminated, dirty, and full of bacteria.
The average family of four in the United States uses 400 gallons of water each day. That is the equivalent of filling ten bathtubs with water! However, it is easy to change our water footprints.
Here are some easy fixes:
1. Take shorter baths and showers: Each minute in the shower uses roughly 2 gallons of water.
2. Turn off the tap while brushing teeth and don’t leave the water running in the sink.
3. Collect rainwater and recycle it for plants: If you have plants at home, collect rainwater to water your plants. You can put a bucket out and collect water when it rains. After it rains, you can water your plants with the bucket.
4. If there is a leak in the faucet at school or home, address it.
5. Make sure the dishwasher is full before running it.
6. Teach your friends about conserving water and donate to projects like water.org.

It is crucial to protect our natural resources such as water and help those less fortunate than ourselves. As part of the start of the New Year, you can do your part to help the environment and those around you.