TWHS Moves to the Front of the Line of New Construction Projects in Worthington Schools


Thomas Worthington High School will soon see some new construction along with renovation. The plan will be presented to the community by the end of 2022.  After completing phase one of the Master Facilities Plan, Worthington Schools scheduled to propose phase two as a bond issue for the 2022 ballot.  Phase two includes improving the structure and replacing parts of TWHS.  The Worthington Schools web page states that both high schools in the district need repairs, not just for necessity but so that our schools can continue to have a strong reputation.

Thomas Worthington as a physical school does not meet community standards.  It lacks space, natural light and doesn’t allow for flexible space necessary for modern learning.” Says Worthington Schools

The Board of Education presentation that was presented on January 10, 2022 claimed that the cost range is between 116.6M to 143.2M dollars.  The new construction will be working on the academic wing by demolishing it.  A new student entrance and student commons will also be built.  The renovations include the Fine Arts wing, site work on the East and West side, and renovation of the athletic wing.  For athletics, a new natatorium will be constructed, as well as a new baseball stadium and practice turf field.  

Phase one of the Master Facilities Plan was focused on the Worthington middle schools but also to equal the high school enrollment and change the feeder patterns.  On September 8, 2021 there was a community meeting about the second phase of the plan and the School faculty data shows that the higher the percentage of the school the worse the physical condition of the facility is.  Thomas Worthington High School had a percentage of seventy-three percent and had one of the highest percentages of the schools.  

There are multiple options for phase two of the master facility plans.  Option one would allow TWHS to get seventy million dollars worth of work done and also renovate Worthington Kilbourne High School.  Option two still includes a major renovation of Thomas Worthington but also includes two elementary school replacements.  Option three is the same concept as option two but gives 700 seats to colonial hills elementary school.  Option four is focused on the two high schools still but also has the option of choosing between two elementary schools along with a replacement of another elementary school.  Option five would cost about 260 million dollars because of extra work for the elementary schools.  These five options are to be determined.  

All the construction work for Thomas Worthington High School could reach a three-year escalation.  One of the main goals of this plan is to make it more affordable.

“This community-led plan has been presented to our school board and will ultimately be presented to our community as a bond issue, likely at the end of 2022.” Said Worthington Schools.

  More decisions will be made when the Master Facilities Plan is presented possibly by the end of 2022. Worthington City Schools Superintendant, Dr. Bowers, is likely to address the topic of new construction in more detail during his State of The Schools address on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.