It’s Prom Season: What to Expect for Prom 2022


Isaiah Wightman and Madi Potts attending Prom in spring of 2021 at TWHS.

Prom is the last dance of the year, and also the most exciting, biggest, and usually the most expensive. It’s marketed towards juniors and seniors, but they can invite underclassmen as dates. The attire for girls is typically formal, long dresses. Boys usually wear formal attire, usually tuxedos or suits. Every year there is a theme that drives the decoration of the event space and that students can use to pick and coordinate their outfits and accessories. This year the theme is the Red Carpet Gala. “Theme can be a factor of attendance, but does not seem to be a deal-breaker when students decide whether or not to attend,” says Lindsay VanFossen, the junior class advisor. “The junior class works hard to consider students’ opinions when selecting a theme. This year’s theme was chosen based on a survey that was given to upperclassmen.”

The pandemic saw the 2020 prom canceled, and 2021 upset most plans and shifted expectations, forcing the student Council to hold a less formal event in the TWHS gym and hallways, rather than at a separate venue. Pre-pandemic, the 2019 prom was at Valley Dale Ballroom on Sunbury Road in Columbus.  The Columbus Athenaeum has also been a popular locale for Proms past. This year the event will be hosted at Kemba Live, located in the Arena District, in hopes of a return to its former glory.

“Prom venues are chosen 1-2 years in advance,” says VanFossen. “I tour the venues with the upcoming junior class at the end of the school year to determine where prom will be held the following year. They are chosen based on availability, cost, and the services provided on the day of the event.”

 “I’m mainly excited for prom because it won’t be at the school like last year”, Kate McClellan, Senior Class President says, “and from a student council standpoint, I think everyone will have a lot more fun. This year all the efforts put into the dance will be reciprocated in how the venue looks, which the juniors have done a great job planning.

As outfits go for prom, dresses can range from around $60 to a few hundred dollars. Windsor, Lulus, and Lucy in the Sky are good cheap options, and Dilllard’s, Nordstrom and David’s Bridal have great higher end dresses. “I bought my dress at Macy’s”, Mary Kate Murphy says, “and it was so pretty. It was long and navy and only $50.” 

Suits can be bought at Macy’s and Zara, or rented from various places such as Men’s Wearhouse, which can save a lot of money, especially for one night. Prices for suits can range from $200 to $400, again, depending on the quality and material. Most of the boys wear black or navy suits, and a colored tie to match their dates’ dress. 

Being such a big event, price is a large factor, which makes sense that $15,000 is the average total for putting prom together. “All funds come from our fundraisers (talent show, dances, cardinal day, etc.) VanFossen says. Because some of our dances were not held at all during the last two school years, funds have had to be rearranged between the classes in order to pay for prom.”

Prom is often the highlight of many students’ senior year. This year the event is sure to exceed previous expectations-which won’t be difficult after the past pandemic prom.