Falling for Fall in Ohio

Daniela Coutinho

Ohio, being a temperate deciduous forest, is lucky enough to have four beautiful seasons every year. The winter brings comfort in the form of warm blankets and hot cocoa. Spring brings inspiration in the form of flower buds and chirping birds. Summer brings excitement in the form of swimming pools and ice cream. Last but not least, fall. Fall brings an inexplicable feeling that is adored by many.

Every year, the trees put on a show as they prepare for the winter by dropping their leaves. One of the most notable things about fall in Ohio is the “the colors of the leaves”, as senior Bella Karnes puts it. “I like the red of the leaves a lot.” Another bonus of the changing seasons is the temperature. Karnes believes “the temperature is pretty good” and it is perfect for outdoor activities or sports.

Another admirer of the fall season is English teacher Mrs. Ruiz. She is a big fan of the colorful leaves. “I feel like if you look at them in certain lights, they look like they are glowing neon and it is just so cool.” Ruiz also enjoys the fall activities and feels like “people are together and are outside more.” She loves how “we have a holiday a month” and “school is in full swing.” “It’s just like a lot of energy gearing up for the winter and then we all get to snuggle in.”

The 60-70 degree weather is perfect for fall sports, including football but also hunting. Senior Gage Stevens likes fall because “it’s the start of deer season.” When Stevens thinks of fall, he thinks of “leaves covering the yard” and “little squirrels running around.”

While it may be an unpopular opinion, some students at TWHS do not like the colder seasons. Senior Mars Ramdeen grew up in South Florida where the weather is always warm, and moved to Ohio this past June.“the leaves falling, i’ve never seen it before, it’s really pretty” Ramdeen has also never seen snow, thinks that it is already “stupid cold,” and believes “it’s like the worst thing ever.”

Fall is also the season for fruits like apples and pumpkin. Junior Maggie Erickson loves “going apple picking and visiting a pumpkin patch.” Erickson is always excited for fall because it marks the beginning of “sweater season” and one of her favorite drinks; the “pumpkin spice latte.”