Holiday Donations: Giving Back to the Community this Season


Finn Duffy

Presents donated and organized by TWHS students to help support the Community Service Club in their effort to give gifts to all of the students at an elementary school in Chillicothe, OH.

Ryleigh Sharp

During the holiday season, many are fortunate to have fond memories of family and friends surrounding them. Although the holidays are a happy time for many, some are less fortunate and struggle a little extra during this winter season. As you enjoy what you have been given and the friends and family you are surrounded by, remember some aren’t as lucky. To make the holidays better for everyone there are many ways around the community to show support for people and families in need. Here are some of the few ways you can donate to help out in our local community. 

At The Worthington Food Pantry there are options to donate both food items and money (using the link above). Another way to help the Worthington Food Pantry this year is by donating canned goods directly to the food pantry or through a local canned food drive.  You can find these at churches, schools, and the Worthington Rec Center.  The products that are most needed include canned soups, granola bars, feminine hygiene products, and general hygiene products. 

Another high-demand item is cold-weather clothing. Donating coats that are no longer needed in your home can improve families’ holiday season and bring warmth to children in need. 

If you are looking for a more direct way to help struggling families, you can purchase Christmas gifts for youth locally through the Salvation Army’s Angel tree program. Gifts can be purchased online through Walmart and range from 10$ up to 60$ to fit your price range. 

A  free way to help can be ringing the bell for the salvation army at most local grocery stores near Worthington including Krogers and the Hills Market using this link to try and get people to donate to the salvation army. Ringing the Bell shifts are usually 2 hours long and you can bring friends and family to hang out with during your shift, as well as dress up for a festival to brighten shoppers’ days. 

While many families struggle financially during the holidays, many people find themselves in the hospital instead of at home enjoying time with their loved ones. Donating blood can help keep the lives of important family members through the holiday season. You can sign up to check people in or to Donate Blood.  Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be healthy this season, and donating blood is an essential and free way to help out. 

Donating throughout the holiday season can help others in need, but it is also a way to make you feel fulfilled and remind yourself how lucky you are.  No matter how fortunate you and your family are this season we hope you can find a way to help your community in these small, yet extremely helpful ways.  Hopefully, the end of this year can bring you the Warmest Wishes, and a happy new year!