Abigail Karagorys senior photos taken in downtown Columbus.

Abigail Karagory, writer

Abigail Karagory is a Senior at Thomas Worthington High School. She is currently taking Journalism, Materials Science, AP Psychology and Pre Calculus. Abby was born in July of 2000 and has lived in Worthington her entire life. She picked up lacrosse in the 3rd grade. She went to Kilbourne Middle School and pursued the KMS girls lacrosse program as well as band. In High School she continued on with the band program as a trumpet player, participating in jazz band, marching band, pit orchestra and the schools curricular ensemble. Her biggest achievement in her band career was becoming one of three Drum Majors this past marching band season and conducting the band to a success at the OMEA State Marching Band Finals. Later on she received one of the top 6 senior awards; Most Inspirational.  

Outside of school Abby lives a nice life with her parents, brother, dog and two cats. She seems to live a pretty satisfying life but what brings her the most satisfaction is a clean room and a quiet day. Her main support comes from all of her parental figures like her Mom, Dad, and Step Dad.

Once she graduates Abby plans on attending either Wittenberg University, Otterbein University or Ohio University and going into the Psychology field, more specifically Nutritional Therapy. In the meantime she has to decide on a college and is currently looking for on campus job options.

Besides just fulfilling a job description, Abigail hopes to one day leave a mark on the world and the school from which she is graduating from this Spring. Looking deeper into her future Abigail sees herself married a few years after she graduates from college with two or three kids, allowing her dreams to take her to her final destination.

Her musical directors throughout her schooling career have made the largest impact in her life, causing her to fulfill her fullest potential as a student and a person. This year, due to her personal growth, Abby was inducted into this years chapter of National Honors Society, Tri-M and participates in school clubs. She also hopes to receive a Honors Diploma.

Abby is a sweet person and is very caring. She enjoys being around people and is very content with being who she is. Before she graduates she wants underclassmen and upcoming Seniors at TWHS to always participate in as many things as possible because it's never too late.  Abby believes that being your best self is the most important thing someone can do and thinks that you cannot fail if you are being the real you. She is genuinely Abigail.

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