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Cynthia Daniels, Writer

Cynthia Daniels is a 14-year-old freshman. This is her second year in a Worthington school. She is not involved with any school clubs but she has been doing roller derby for almost two years on the Buckeye Beautyz, and her derby name is CC DeVillain #182. Outside of derby skating she enjoys going skating with friends instead of hitting people while on skates. She also enjoys movies, music, books, and art. Her top two movies are "Super 8" and "Bo Burnham: what." She enjoys artists like Salvador Dali and René Magritte, who are both known for their work in surrealism. This is her favorite type of art because there is no real way to do it wrong. Her favorite musicians are Melanie Martinez, The Neighbourhood, and Neck Deep. She is a situational self-starter and a professional procrastinator. Even though she procrastinates, she is still a very hard worker. Sometimes she doesn’t work hard enough or doesn’t do it right, and fails. She also has succeeded many times. She might have a question or two but once she’s figured it out, she’s off and running.

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