Caitlin McWilliams poses for senior pictures.

Caitlin McWilliams, Writer

Caitlin McWilliams is a senior at Thomas Worthington High school. She was born and raised in Worthington. She has been attending Worthington schools all her life. As a child, Caitlin was a shy. She was adventurous and was always looking for fun. She has a supportive and caring family who loves and appreciates her. Out of her two siblings she's the youngest, or as she likes to say she is “ the baby” in the family so all eyes are on her.

Caitlin got a concussion in May of 2016 while playing lacrosse. She did not know that her concussion was serious until the beginning of her Junior year. Caitlin suffers from brain damage and with that comes a learning disability. To this day Caitlin still goes and receives help from a neuropsychologist and takes medication. She had thought her junior year was going to harder than it ended up being.

Caitlin is more than happy to graduate. Caitlin has great expectations for herself. With her high standards there are ups and downs. After all of this she left lacrosse and field hockey to play golf. She wanted to focus on golf more, she feels this sport is fun and is a great passion of her. This also makes her feel that she’s different because it’s harder to learn like the other students. It takes more time for Caitlin to understand a concept and actually understand it without feeling confused. 

 The McWilliams Family has been very supportive of Caitlin. They have supported her by taking her to her neurologist, to get further help on her education and helping her pick out colleges. Caitlin wanted to attend Auburn University or the University of Tennessee to go far away. She was also interested in Otterbein University. Instead, Caitlin committed to the University of Cincinnati which is a big school. It is close to home but not too close, which is a good distance for Caitlin.

Advice she would give underclassmen is that there is a time and place where you should have fun and your grades do not reflect what type of person you are so don't stress too much. Yet you also have to care about your grades so you can get into a college you would like if that's what you want.

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