Tim Tebow Plays Baseball?

Trent Castle

December 2, 2016

Tim Tebow is popularly known for playing football for the Florida Gators, taking home two national championship titles with their program, and winning the Heisman trophy in 2007.  However, Tebow currently plays baseball profes...

Lady Cards Basketball Preview

Lady Cards Basketball Preview

Abbie Miller

November 15, 2016

Cubs Win It All!

Cubs Win It All!

November 14, 2016

Les Eisenhart Invitational 2016

Les Eisenhart Invitational 2016

Abbie Miller

October 12, 2016

Ending the Season

Jason Hamzee, Writer

May 23, 2016

The dust settles on yet another baseball season, and once again the 6th seeded Cards came up just short of advancing, losing to Canal Winchester 5-4 in the district semi-final May 16 at Upper Arlington, but the future appears bright a...

High School Athletes

Brie Wright, Writer

May 20, 2016

Over 1.35 million student athletes are injured badly enough  that they must go to a hospital. The most common injuries are to the head, face, fingers, knees and ankles. Occasional bumps and bruises are expected when students play ...

Why ESPN Broadcasts Gaming

Jonathan Conrad and Jaxson Stiver

May 19, 2016

Analysts expect professional gaming to earn up to $1 billion in revenue by 2019, and it is clear by ESPN’s recent coverage of professional gaming that major media networks want a piece of the income.  ESPN is a worldwide network...

NFL Draft Recap

Justice Baham, Writer

May 10, 2016

NFL Draft day is one that all college football athletes dream about.  It is the one day when all their hard work pays off.  The prospects gather with their family and peers and wait to hear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ...