Macy Torres: JVA Girls Soccer Coach Makes an Impact


Macy Torres, a Thomas Worthington girls’ soccer coach, has impacted the girls’ program by giving countless opportunities to reunite with the sport. Macy Torres works as a Bailiff, in Franklin County. She played 4 years of high school soccer and continued her career playing 4 years at Urbana University. Torres joined the Thomas Worthington girls’ soccer coaching staff during the 2021-22’ season. Torres was the JVB soccer coach for one season. The following year she was asked to be the JVA coach and accepted the offer.  

Kya Webster, a JV player, states, “Macy has given me the opportunity to become better at the sport and become a better person.” 

Coach Macy Torres impacted the JVA players in terms of their play, but also in terms of their character. Torres grew up in poverty, so she knows what it is like to have to work extra hard for her success. This made her want to give kids more opportunities.

“Macy pushes my daughter until she has given her full potential,” the mother of one of the players said.  “Although it may seem like she’s being harsh, she only wants to see them succeed.”

The future of Thomas Worthington Girls soccer will continue to thrive, while Macy Torres continues to coach the Thomas Worthington JV players.

“I will continue to help my players grow as a person for the real world and grow as a player for the sport,” Torres reflects.