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The Total Eclipse
The Total Eclipse
May 15, 2024

Dorm Decorating

How far, is too far.
Pinterest, Photos of dorm rooms

As many TWHS seniors plan for college move-in day next fall, dorm inspiration is getting hot and heavy.  Social media like Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram feature the most outrageous, and extreme sides of the dorm room spectrum.  Whether you want your door to look like a professional decorator let their creative visions flow, or you’re going for something more simple, and homey, TWHS has got you covered with all the information you need. 

Senior Emma Lynch is attending Ohio University next fall.  Emma found her perfect roomie on an Instagram meet page. 

 “Our room is gonna be so ‘Pinterest core’,” said Lynch. “We are doing pink, orange, and gold. She is coming for my grad party and we are going to go shopping together.  We want everything to match.”  

They plan to shop at Target, Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Ikea, Marshalls, among other retailers. 

 “We’re trying to get things at an affordable price,”Lynch continued. “We’re both rushing, so we won’t live in the dorms for long.” 

Even Juniors are planning ahead, for their perfect college dorm.  

“I definitely want white bedding, but pink pops of color.” Lily McAlister ‘25 said. 

Although it may seem ridiculous to plan this early, it’s a great way to get ahead, and space out the pricy parts of dorm decorating.  Budgeting is a very important part of college, it’s easy to get excited and get carried away in preparation.  An anonymous 2023 senior says, “I spent way too much, and now my style has changed. It’s important to just get the necessities and pick up the fun things along the way, to prevent clutter.” 

Schools, mainly the larger colleges in the south, go big for dorm decorating.  Lots of the girls hire professional dorm decorators to help get the small details perfect.  Senior Emma Lynch tells us about her cousin, who attended University of South Carolina, graduating in 2022.  “Her dorm was decorated exactly how she wanted it to be, she didn’t have anything out of place.  A lot of students who attend SEC schools are affluent enough to decorate and live however they want to.” Lynch told us.  Don’t let these oftentimes true stereotypes fool you, lots of south bound college students do whatever they can to save money.  Senior Deven Dickerson plans on attending college at University of Clemson in the fall.  Deven tells us about her budgeting tips.  “I’m getting a couple of my things from TJ maxx, like bedding and paintings for the walls. We’re gonna get the little stuff from amazon.  My roommate is from Key West, so it’s hard to go shopping together.  I don’t wanna spend more than $300 on my dorm.” 

Decorating can be hard, but the most important part is making sure you feel at home, so you can be successful with your school work. 

Best Of Luck Everybody!! 

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