PROM: Another Season to Dress to Impress



Students dance at Prom 2022

Deven Dickerson, Bella Isern

Ruffles, tiers, velvet, silk, sheer, sequins, the options are endless when choosing a prom dress. The perfect dress is one that shows personal style and highlights individuality. But, as prom approaches, finding the perfect fit can be overwhelming. Whether you look online or go in store the choices are endless, so what are the best options?

At the beginning of your search, finding inspiration on what kinds of dress you want can help make the process go smoother. 

Junior Dakota Curtiss says the app Pinterest has helped her with searching for a prom dress. “Pinterest has lots of options and colors and you can click on the photos and go straight to the website”

This can be a pathway to finding shops that have the best dress for you, but not all are the same. They can be expensive or cheap, with few options or many, online or in person. If you’re buying online Lulu’s might be the place for you  

“Shopping at Lulu’s was very easy,” says Lily Ault, “and dresses there were very affordable.”

Another online option is Hello Molly. Junior Lauren Beier got her dress there and complained that “while it did come in four days, they only gave returns with store credit.” Lucy in the Sky is another popular site with the same issue.  

The online route is usually more affordable and has so many options. While online shopping is a preference of this generation, shopping in-store has its benefits too. Some popular in-store spots are Dillard’s, Henri’s, Gowntastic, and Windsor.

“Dillard’s had lots of dresses and they had mid-range prices,” says Katelyn Breedlove. 

Whether in-store or online, most people buy their dresses firsthand. An option often overlooked is buying a prom dress second-hand. Because prom dresses are only worn once, many beautiful barley-worn dresses are floating around at local thrift stores. 

“I thrifted my prom dress because I didn’t want to buy a new dress and only wear it only once and I was able to get a unique dress that represents me,” Jane Maynard said.

No matter where you get your dress, it’s most important to find one that you can feel like your best self in. So listen to Lauren Beier and “Just remember to get a dress you feel great in so you can have a great night.”