Top Ten Gifts Under $20

A TWHS Student Holiday Gift Guide

Natalie Moog

As the holiday season approaches, many of us struggle to come up with personal, yet affordable gifts for besties and beaus alike. Check out some of these suggestions to get your holiday season started right, so you will have time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.

Pajama Pants are such an affordable gift to stay cozy at night, but we all know how we like to lounge in our jammies over winter break. Keep your bestie warm this season with some flannel. From plaid to cotton Santas, you can’t go wrong with some festive pajama pants.

Candles are the perfect gift to keep rooms smelling nice and add a touch of wintery spirit wherever you want. Better yet, make it a date and take your crush to Penn & Beech Candle Company to make their own!

Cozy Blankets are always a crowd-pleaser! From a fleece throw to a large comforter, everyone loves blankets this time of year. If you’re planning an outdoor bonfire though, fleece may not be the way to go, try this instead! If you decide to stay indoors, consider this polyester plush blanket would be perfect.

Jewelry is the perfect way to accessorize the new clothes you get for the holidays or the ones you already have. From Pura Vida rings to supporting small businesses on Etsy, there’s no way to go wrong. Jewelry adds the perfect touch to any outfit.

A winter hat. What else would you wear to a Thomas Worthington hockey game at the Chiller besides a nice warm Carhartt beanie? If that’s not for you, maybe try this Cardinals hat, but be warned, it’s slightly pricier.

Plants. Help your loved ones discover their potential green thumb. Snake plants are an easy option to cleanse your air and spruce up your space. Brighten up a room by adding a green friend.

Phone case. Planning on ice skating this winter? Do you have a friend that is accident-prone and likely to slip on the ice? The fear of dropping a phone is even worse in the winter– but it won’t matter if you give your bestie a great new phone case. They are inexpensive, durable, and cute. A perfect gift for your friends and family.

Wireless charger. Sick of the end of your charger breaking or your constantly having to plug and unplug your phone? From having easy bedside access to on the go before a TW basketball game, a wireless charger is perfect for anyone.

Moon lamp. Want the ambiance of a full moon from inside your house? Check out this moon lamp from Walmart. It comes with a remote to control the different lights and can even fade between colors.

A steering wheel cover is key to making the early morning cold a bit more bearable. Getting into the car to a steering wheel that is so cold you can’t touch it makes us all want to stay in bed. Fluffy cheetah print, or woven fabric, a steering wheel cover will make your seasonal depression fade away… maybe.